About Liferaft Tutoring

Liferaft Tutoring is a unique tutoring service that goes beyond the tutoring session, and teaches students the necessary life skills to succeed at any education level. To accomplish this, students are imparted with knowledge regarding organization, accountability, and consistency. What follows is a brief description of how we teach students to become their very best selves.


Organization is the root of the Liferaft Tutoring method. Our process teaches students where to file past assignments, how to maintain a healthy backpack, and instills the satisfaction that comes with a strong organizational practice.


To help students develop a strong sense of personal empowerment, students are texted or emailed throughout the week. This effective reminder helps students follow through with their work and reminds them that they are being supported outside of the tutoring sessions. Students are encouraged to respond with a picture of their organized binder and/or a challenging problem that they need assistance with prior to the next session.

Missing Assignments

Liferaft Tutoring specializes in helping students who are falling behind with their assignments. Tutors update a missing assignment list that they share with the students throughout the week and help to see what is at the root of the problem. Through regular connections they help each student find a rhythm for tending past assignments as they progress forward.

Teacher-Tutor connection

To ensure that students are staying on top of their work, participating in class, and are prepared for upcoming tests, Liferaft Tutors email teachers throughout the week to ensure that students are on the right track.

Curriculum Development

Every student has different needs that go beyond the classroom setting.  To assist in this process, Liferaft Tutoring offers curriculum development. This includes:  personalized language arts assignments, fun math games, and creative activities to help unique learning styles.


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